TRAVELLER´S WORLD is a premium travel /people magazine.

A magazine that will lure you away to the most enchanting places on earth with exciting features, opulent pictures, news and hints. a magazine that opens doors to the most exclusive hotels and guides the way to the most remote hideaways. To the Hot spots in snow. To the Greens that mean the world for many people. A magazine that takes you along to the sleekest yachts. And a magazine that shows how luxurious flying can be in the age of low budget airlines.

The most alluring travel destination, however, is nothing without the people behind. only an encounter with these people will turn travelling into real experience. This may well be a bush pilot
in Africa, a ski ambassador in aspen or a hotelier in Bangkok. Get ready for many exciting encounters in this magazine. encounters with very special individuals. all this, researched, compiled and experienced by experts in all fields of travel, composed by the elite of Germany’s travel authors.

With its premium presentation and high journalistic standard, TRAVELLER´S WORLD fills an important niche on the German speaking market as a magazine that reaches the most desired demographics for advertisers.

Distribution and frequency
The magazine is displayed not only in selected bookstores but also in all airport and train station newsstands in Germany. Furthermore, at significant kiosks in Austria and Switzerland. In the First and Business Class of airlines, in the suites and lounges of top hotels and resorts; on luxurious cruise ships; in exclusive golfclubs and at high level tour operators.

Starting with the first issue 2009 also an board of LUFTHANSA Airlines

Moreover, several thousand copies are distributed by mail to VIP’s, decision makers in economy, opinion leaders and multipliers.

The magazine appears four times per year: at the begin of March, at the begin of June, at the begin of September and at the begin of December.


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